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Hack It Till You Make It

hack/reduce and Tutoring Plus have partnered up to hold this years "hack it till you make it" event.  It will consist of a talk around technology and entrepreneurship, followed up by a front-end development workshop.  Tutoring Plus’ 7th – 12th grade students who have an interest in computer science and technology will be attending the event.  The day will end with the students going on a company tour at Google and iZotope in Cambridge, MA.

Mike Willard and Jack Miszencin will be teaching the front-end development workshop, which will focus on JavaScript.  Mike is currently a Software Engineer In Test at iZotope, and Jack is a web developer at Quoin Inc.

Tutoring Plus of Cambridge, Inc.

Founded in 1964, Tutoring Plus provides tutoring and mentoring programs to students in grades 3-12 as well as academic enrichment opportunities focused on math, science and media literacy.  Our mission is to support and encourage the academic, personal and social growth of children and youth in Cambridge with the help of volunteers and community partners.  All Tutoring Plus programs are offered free of charge as we work to close the education and opportunity gap within the Port/Area 4 neighborhood.  To learn more, visit

Mike Willard 

Mike is a Software Engineer In Test (SEIT) at iZotope, a music software company based in Cambridge, MA.  Mike has extensive experience developing test automation and continuous integration solutions for a variety of software and hardware products.  He received a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and a Master's in Software Engineering from Brandeis.

Jack Miszencin 

Jack is a web developer at Quoin, Inc., a software consultancy in Boston.  He specializes in AngularJS, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails.  Jack began learning to write code after graduating from Tufts University with an International Relations degree in 2012, and has since built web applications in spaces as diverse as crowd funding and education.

 Kathryn Fenneman

 Kathryn has worked with Tutoring Plus since February 2013 and recently stepped into the Executive Director role in November 2014.  She has experience working with youth, families and volunteers both domestically and internationally.  Kathryn received a Bachelor’s Degree from Simpson College (Iowa) in criminal justice and social work as well as a Dual Master’s from Brandeis University in Sustainable International Development & Coexistence and Conflict Studies.  

Will Preap

Will Preap is the Head of Business Development at Breather and works out of Boston, MA.  In addition to this, he’s a Director at hack/reduce.  His role at hack/reduce is to help lead and manage the community outreach initiatives in Greater Boston.  Will received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from UMass Boston with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics.