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HACK/REDUCE @ MIT: From Business Intelligence to Big Data

hack/reduce + MIT is glad to host Adam Ferrari (CTO at Crysply, Big Data Strategic Adviser at Oracle, part of the founding team of Endeca) who will give a talk titled: "From Business Intelligence to Big Data: One technologist’s experience through the evolution of business analytics"

This event will take place next week on Wednesday, December 3rd at 5:30 pmin room E51-149 ( A confirmation/RSVP to will be appreciated given that food will be served. 

Over the past decade, analyzing data has moved from a relatively limited and focused activity that happened out of sight deep inside IT organizations, to a broad and almost universally discussed topic in practically every field and business function. People everywhere are trying to analyze more data than ever in a greater variety of ways, and dozens of new data analytics technologies and products are quickly springing up to meet their many needs. In many cases these new tools offer innovative and exciting capabilities that are advancing our collective ability to understand the world through data. But in some cases these tools are re-inventing the wheel or ignoring tried and true lessons from earlier analytical approaches. In this talk I will share my perspective on the technological evolution in the business analytics space over the last 15 years based on personal experience. In particular, what can we learn from the evolution of business analytics from Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, through Agile BI and self-service analytics, up into the current era of scale-out data processing environments like Hadoop and today’s crop of novel analytical applications? In particular, I’ll talk about my experiences promoting agile analytics with Endeca, and how these led me to my current startup, Crisply, a SaaS machine learning application.