hack/reduce scholar PROGRAM

hack/reduce's Role in the Community:

hack/reduce is shaping Massachusetts’ Big Data Community in conjunction with the MassTech Collaborative. We help the community succeed in many ways including:

  • Plugging interested and highly motivated students into the Big Data scene

  • Educating the local community through meetups, seminars and hackathons

  • Offering workspace to early-stage, Big Data companies and the organizations that help them thrive.

In order to succeed at shaping our Big Data Community, we are looking to groom Massachusetts’ most ambitious students to be the leaders of tomorrow’s Big Data companies. We are doing this through our Scholar program which offers students the opportunity to build a Big Data community on their campus as well as participate in exclusive hack/reduce events at their Kendall Square headquarters.


The Scholar program selects up to two students from each university to represent hack/reduce on their campus. Even though hack/reduce offers ideas for events, hackathons, and on campus activities, we encourage our scholars to tailor their programming to fit their campus’ community.

In addition to on campus activities, Scholars will be given access to the broader hack/reduce community and be invited to exclusive dinners, events and hack/reduce programming. This means you'll have access to venture capitalists, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, and other potential collaborators from the area’s top universities.

If you’re an ambitious student that is ready to help shape the future of Big Data on your Campus and in Massachusetts, we want to hear from you.

Criteria For hack/reduce Scholars:

  • Be enrolled at the university you would be representing 
  • Have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA

Some of Your Responsibilities as a hack/reduce Scholar Will Include:

  • Host 2-4 events
    • Examples include: panels, hack nights, or presentations  
  • Plan a trip to hack/reduce campus in Kendall Square
  • Share your experience of events and trips via the hack/reduce blog
    • Blog post about each event on the hack/reduce website, including photos and recap of the event

Application Form:

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About the Mass Big Data Initiative:

On May 30, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick launched the Massachusetts Big Data Initiative to leverage and expand the Commonwealth’s position as a global leader

in the rapidly growing big data sector. The Initiative, led by the Innovation Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, has launched programs to enhance and grow the region’s vibrant and expanding Mass Big Data ecosystem, including strategic and collaborative partnership efforts with academia, industry, and public sector organizations.  Learn more at massbigdata.org and follow @massbigdata.