In addition to our community workshops and events, hack/reduce will be making our big data cluster, data sets and work space available, free of charge, to our members.

hack/reduce membership will be a meritocracy based around community and innovation. You can become a member by either being among the best at what you do (Fellows), because you’re working on a project with the potential to make a big impact (Resident Hackers), or because you’re passionate about big data innovation and want to help us build the hack/reduce community (Contributors).

We value diversity at hack/reduce. We’re not interested in just having a bunch of data hackers sitting around (fun! but not interesting). Instead, we want to bring in all of the disciplines that make Boston great: life sciences, bio tech, energy, education, music, art… if it’s something that can make an impact on our world, we want it here. And so our members will be a combination of developers, data geeks, and experts across disciplines.


Fellows are known experts we’ll invite to become part of the hack/reduce community. They’ll help us out by teaching workshops, providing their domain expertise at industry-specific hackathons, and hanging out from time to time to impart their wisdom or to just join us for some beer & pizza (you can’t have a hacker space without beer & pizza).

Resident Hacker

Resident Hackers are individuals or teams working on hack/reduce spotlighted projects. In exchange for working on something incredibly cool at hack/reduce, we’ll give you free access to our space and resources during hack/reduce office hours. If accepted, you and your team will be made resident hackers for the month (with a follow-on option to extend to 3 or 6 months).

In exchange, we’ll highlight your project on the hack/reduce website and ask each member of your team to give back to the hack/reduce community in some way (e.g., teaching a workshop, mentoring at a hackathon, helping us set up our infrastructure, or lining up the cups for flip cup).


Contributors are individuals who want to learn and collaborate with others on big data projects while helping us to build out the hack/reduce community. In exchange for helping us make Boston kick-ass in Big Data, we’ll welcome you into the family and provide you with free access to our space and resources during hack/reduce office hours. We might, on occasion, feed you beer & pizza as well.