An informal gathering for people to come and talk about interesting recent R projects.

Also, we will have some people tell us about projects they need help getting off the ground.

So far we have volunteers for the following

*Mapping with R and leaflet.js.

* How to apply the concept of MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) in reproducible research with R programming

* A record linkage project that saved the city a significant amount of time and fortified our address database that 911 dispatchers use to locate emergencies.

* Dealing with web access log data and URLs.

* Fraud detection and machine identification using R for the analysis and visualization.

* Survival analysis and ROC curves in R

* A cool sports data project using Python, R and Shiny on ec2

* An application of latent class models of risky behavior and the latter concerns topical analysis of textual data (in-depth interviews).