Join us in Boston at 6:30 PM EDT on March 25 for an evening of networking with Big Data professionals and learning about the latest Apache project, which provides critical capabilities for the emerging world of Fast Data. In this presentation, we will provide an introduction to Apache Ignite (incubating), which is an open source, distributed framework for a unified In-Memory Data Fabric, originally developed by GridGain Systems. Apache Ignite provides a high-performance, distributed in-memory data management software layer that has been designed to operate between both new and existing data sources and applications, boosting application performance and scale by orders of magnitude.

We will start with a summary of the technical drivers and market forces, and will cover popular and emerging use cases for in-memory computing, from financial industry trading platforms to mobile payment processing, online advertising, online/mobile gaming back-ends and more. We will then present some foundational concepts and terminology, and discuss the architecture, capabilities and benefits of the Apache Ignite In-Memory Data Fabric in quite some detail.

Speaker Bio: Nikita Ivanov - CTO, GridGain

Nikita Ivanov is founder and CTO of GridGain Systems, the leading Java in-memory data fabric starting every 10 seconds around the world today. Nikita has over 20 years of experience in software application development, building HPC and middleware platforms, contributing to the efforts of other startups and notable companies including Adaptec, Visa and BEA Systems.