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hack/reduce and TechBoston Academy have partnered up to hold the very first "hack it till you make it" event.  It will consist of a talk around technology, diversity, and entrepreneurship, followed up by a front-end development workshop.  The event will be attended by TechBoston's 9th12th grade students who have an interest in computer science and will end with a tour at the startups Hopper and Threat Stack in Cambridge, MA.

Gina Nebesar will be leading the talk and Q&A — she's currently the VP of Product Development and Marketing at Ovuline and is a Harvard Business School graduate.  Alex Jarvis will be teaching the front-end development workshop — he's currently a software developer at Terrible Labs.

TechBoston Academy

Founded in 2002, Tech Boston Academy (TBA) is a pilot school located in Dorchester, Massachusetts that offers a college preparatory curriculum to students in grades 6–12.  TBA exposes its 1,050 students to a wide array of technological resources.  TBA offers advanced courses that utilize this technology and cover topics such as digital art, Adobe graphic design applications, computer programming, and E-commerce.

Gina Nebesar

Gina leads product development for Ovuline — a company that uses technology to help couples start families and have healthier pregnancies.  She brings experience starting a clothing vending-machine company and has an industrial engineering background.  She earned her BS from University of Southern California and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Alex Jarvis

Alex Jarvis is a self-taught developer at Terrible Labs a design and development shop that works with startups and enterprise companies to create iOS, Android, and web-based applications.  Alex started his web development career as an academic in the Digital Humanities community before moving on to full-stack web development.  He spends his free time working on projects aimed at solving big problems in small communities.