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How To Rock Your First Hackathon: Boston Transhack

Learn the essentials of having a successful time at your first hackathon!

  • Do you want to contribute your professional or technical skills in a creative and collaborative environment?
  • Are you curious about attending a hackathon in your city?
  • Are you unsure if your skills would be useful at a hackathon and if only "hackers" show up at these events?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions and you live in the Boston area we invite you to attend this workshop for first-time hackathon participants!  

Workshop Goals

The objective of this workshop is to deliver practical information about the hackathon experience and increase the comfort and confidence level of attendees to participate in a hackathon.

  • Sign up and to learn:
  • Why hackathons are so popular
  • What happens at hackathons
  • How hackathons are helping to change people's lives
  • Finding hackathons that match your interests
  • Preparing for a hackathon
  • Pitching your idea at a hackathon
  • Finding people for your hackathon team
  • Tools, apps and websites used at hackathons to build cool stuff
  • Building things at Hackathons with API's
  • Time management at hackathons
  • Decision making with your team
  • Demo'ing at a hackathon
  • Hackathons and prizes 
  • After the Hackathon