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THIS IS IT, the Final Countdown!!! Join us on October 11th to support the do-ers, the game-changers, the movers and shakers of Pakathon 2014! Want to see what opportunities in Pakistan are? See what startups are coming up with at Pakathon's Global Judging at MIT on Oct 11th, where submissions from each of our 16 host cities will be judged and global winners will be picked.

Over the last week, 1000s of participants worked tirelessly across the globe to inspire and excite us with their ideas for Pakistan. Now, each of our 16 city chapters has picked one team to represent them in the PAKATHON GLOBAL JUDGING round, to be held in Boston! 

We are proud that our presence extends not just to major urban centers in Pakistan but also to cities like Sukkur, Malakand and Peshawar that do not typically receive national attention. For many of our participating students, it is the first time they are entering a global competition.

On the other side of the Atlantic we have participation from students from some of the world’s best universities, from Harvard and MIT in Boston to University of Pennsylvania, GeorgiaTech and Stanford.


The global judging is being co-hosted by PaksMIT

Food will be catered by Chinese Mirch 

We will also have a live performance by Dr. Fidelity!