Acceleprise Demo Day

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May 13, 2013 @ 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
275 3rd Street
Cambridge, MA 02142


Acceleprise is an accelerator focused on enterprise technology founded and anchored by investor and entrepreneur Sean Glass. It is the first independent accelerator focused solely on enterprise technology in the United States. Over the next three years, Acceleprise will invest in over 60 companies focused on building web based software to solve large organizations’ problems. Acceleprise provides both capital and community support to enterprise entrepreneurs while they work from a shared office in Washington DC over four months.

Acceleprise is the preeminent community for enterprise technologists. From enterprise tech focused VCs, to customers, and mentors, the accelerator is a hub for enterprise technology activity. Each portfolio company will have access to Acceleprise’s “customer panel” program. These panels are comprised of large enterprises that have agreed to take sales meetings with each of the portfolio companies and work with them as they develop their products. Customer panel members include Microsoft, The Washington Post, and others. Additionally, we offer our companies access to funding, our alumni network, our mentorship team, and networks of early adopters.

Acceleprise Boston Demo Day

May 13th at Hack/Reduce

3:30 – 6:00 PM



MetaLayer builds practical big data products that make working with large, disparate datasets easy for technical and non-technical people. With MetaLayer Dashboard, structured business data can be effortlessly combined with unstructured social feeds in a dynamic environment. MetaLayer Survey allows users to visualize the correlations and outlying patterns in the answers to survey questions.



The competitive intelligence platform for marketers, TrackMaven makes it simple to see what your competitors are doing across paid, owned, and earned marketing channels.



Talentwire radically improves on campus recruiting, enabling your team to attract, engage, filter, and build relationships with highly targeted talent before the competition.



StayNTouch is rethinking the interaction between the hotel and their guests using a single cloud-based solution that manages all on-property touch point, both for the hotel staff and the guest. This includes traditional staff systems as well as guest-centric systems (guest self-service, Hotel info, on-site social engagement and extending in-room phone to guests smartphone) optimized for touch/tablet computing. The solution dramatically simplifies all business processes for the hotel staff and requires a fraction of the training required by today’s legacy solutions. StayNTouch is creating the Enterprise “Hotel Technology Platform”. The system will seamlessly integrate with the independent hotel’s and brand existing reservation, distribution and loyalty systems.



Instant API is an API as a Service platform that makes it easy to create, host and monetize API’s by integrating with existing, 3rd party or hosted infrastructure, data and services. This enables enterprises to instantly create consumer facing API’s opening up new revenue opportunities and increased ROI from existing IT Initiatives. Not to mention accelerating development of mobile/tablet and web based applications by allowing developers to focus on the user experience rather than the back-end API driving it all.



LearnShark is a platform to measure and credential informal learning within an enterprise. LearnShark has built social software that allows users to quickly upload web links, files from DropBox, GitHub, Evernote and other services so that employees can connect with one another over content. LearnShark’s algorithms score content based on relevance, and provide points to employees based on their expertise to determine expertise within the company. solves a common problem that CMO’s, marketing / PR and enterprise general counsels have. “How do I mitigate my company and/or brands risk within social media?”’s engagement suite accomplishes this by filtering the outgoing content through our own engine. stops those social media fails by internal employees with access to corporate profiles before they happen.



Aquicore combines cutting-edge data collection hardware with sophisticated analytics software to reduce utility and maintenance costs for small and medium size residential and commercial properties. Aquicore fills a niche, monitoring mid-sized buildings that are too big for some common monitoring services, but too small to afford contracts with large providers. With inexpensive and easy-to-setup hardware, Aquicore can collect real-time data about building services. From lighting to plug-load to HVAC equipment. The data is wirelessly transmitted a private cloud-based account to become a benchmarking and decision-making tool to guide building investment and operational decisions.

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