WANTED: Big Data Hackers

hack/reduce opens membership application process

Cambridge, MA – October 9, 2012 – Membership applications are now live for hack/reduce, Boston’s big data hacker space.  hack/reduce is a non-profit 501 c3 community space whose mission is to help Boston create the talent and technologies that will shape Boston’s future in a big data-driven economy.  In addition to providing workshops and events to the community, hack/reduce will be making their big data cluster, data sets, and work space available, free of charge, to a select set of members.

To apply, teams and individuals should complete the membership application on the hack/reduce website.  Those submitting applications by Sunday, October 14, 2012 will get a chance to attend the special hack/reduce preview night to get a sneak peek at the space and meet other applicants.

hack/reduce’s membership goal is to be inclusive of all subject areas important to Boston:  from biotech and medical device to consumer web, energy, information technology, telecommunication, music, art and more.

hack/reduce membership will be a meritocracy based on people’s ability to innovate and to help build the hack/reduce community. Applications are now being accepted for Resident Hackers and Contributors:

  • Resident Hackers are individuals or teams working on hack/reduce spotlighted projects. In exchange for working on something incredibly cool at hack/reduce, Resident Hackers will have free access to workspace and resources during hack/reduce office hours. If accepted, you and your team will be made resident hackers for the month (with a follow-on option to extend to 3 or 6 months). Projects will be highlighted on the hack/reduce website and Resident Hackers will be asked to give back in some way (e.g. teaching, mentoring, helping with the space).
  • Contributors are individuals who want to learn and collaborate with others on big data projects while helping build out the hack/reduce community. In exchange for helping to make Boston number one in Big Data, Contributors will have access to workspace and resources during hack/reduce office hours.

In addition to Resident Hackers and Contributors, hack/reduce will be inviting Fellows to join as members.  Fellows are known experts in Boston’s big data community and will contribute by teaching workshops, providing domain expertise at industry-specific hackathons and bringing guidance and wisdom.

About hack/reduce

hack/reduce is Boston’s big data hacker space. A 501 c3 non-profit, hack/reduce provides  the community space and the resources – intense compute power, large data sets, and subject matter experts – that are critical for working with big data.  Supported by Boston’s venture capital and technology leaders, and the State of Massachusetts, the goal is to cultivate a community in Boston that creates big data experts.  Visit www.hackreduce.org.

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