Membership Applications Now Live!

In addition to our community workshops and events, hack/reduce will be making our big data cluster, data sets and work space available to our members.

hack/reduce membership will be a meritocracy based around community and innovation. You can become a member by either being among the best at what you do (Fellows), because you’re working on a project with the potential to make a big impact (Resident Hackers), or because you’re passionate about big data innovation and want to help us build the hack/reduce community (Contributors).

We value diversity at hack/reduce. We’re not interested in just having a bunch of data hackers sitting around (fun! but not interesting). Instead, we want to bring in all of the disciplines that make Boston great: life sciences, bio tech, energy, education, music, art… if it’s something that can make an impact on our world, we want it here. And so our members will be a combination of developers, data geeks, and experts across disciplines.

» If you’re interested in joining us, sign up today!

Below are our 3 Member Levels – Membership will begin when we launch this Fall!

Fellows are known experts we’ll invite to become part of the hack/reduce community. They’ll help us out by teaching workshops, providing their domain expertise at industry-specific hackathons, and hanging out from time to time to impart their wisdom or to just join us for some beer & pizza (you can’t have a hacker space without beer & pizza).

Resident Hackers
Resident Hackers are individuals or teams working on hack/reduce spotlighted projects. In exchange for working on something incredibly cool at hack/reduce, we’ll give you free access to our space and resources during hack/reduce office hours. If accepted, you and your team will be made resident hackers for the month (with a follow-on option to extend to 3 or 6 months).

In exchange, we’ll highlight your project on the hack/reduce website and ask each member of your team to give back to the hack/reduce community in some way (e.g., teaching a workshop, mentoring at a hackathon, helping us set up our infrastructure, or lining up the cups for flip cup).
» Apply to become a Resident Hacker

Contributors are individuals who want to learn and collaborate with others on big data projects while helping us to build out the hack/reduce community. In exchange for helping us make Boston kick-ass in Big Data, we’ll welcome you into the family and provide you with free access to our space and resources during hack/reduce office hours. We might, on occasion, feed you beer & pizza as well.
» Apply to become a Contributor

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